"I paint primarily because I love people, and I especially have a passion for children.

I believe that children are a key to our future. How we regard them now, with both love and respect, is vital to their success as adults.

Secondary in importance is the simple fact that portraits are family treasures that can be enjoyed for many generations to come.”

~ CS

Christine Sargent


Christine is a fifth generation Southern Californian, and grew up in a family of teachers. Not only were both of her parents teachers in Los Angeles, but her three sisters have also been teachers. Though teaching is not Christine's primary vocation, she did teach art part-time at a private school for 9 years.

Christine has studied professional oil painting techniques with Larry Gluck at Mission Renaissance in Los Angeles, and in 1988 with Libby Berry at the New Renaissance Academy -School of Living Oils on Whidbey Island in Washington. Returning home from the New Renaissance Academy she began painting seriously and began her original oils and commissioned works.

For over twenty-one years Christine has painted individual and family portraits. Her collectors have ranged as far away as Russia, and renowned former Dodger pitcher, Orel Hershiser, owns one of her original works. She has painted portraits featuring as many as thirteen figures (that portrait began with eleven figures, but the family had two more babies while the painting was in progress). Christine also enjoys creating paintings featuring pets of all types.

Several years ago, having been inspired by photographs of a niece's tea party with friends, Christine created a series of richly colorful paintings of children in imaginative garden settings. After doing several paintings in a similar genre she experimented with a nostalgic monochromatic painting working from a vintage childhood photograph of her mother. Still incorporating fantasy backgrounds as a means of framing her subject, Christine developed an utterly unique and beautiful art style, creating that nostalgic feeling on multiple levels.

Each of her paintings is executed with the mark of a true professional in the now unmistakable style that is Christine Sargent's trademark.