Procedure on Acquiring a Commissioned Portrait

The first meeting takes place between the client and I in order to work out general ideas for the portrait. This can be done over the phone, if you are out of state or not in a good driving distance. I like to meet the subject(s) at this first meeting, if possible.

A deposit of 1/2 the total is required before commencing.

Sometimes at the first meeting, but usually at a second meeting, I will do a photo session with the subject(s). Here I will take sometimes up to 150 photos per subject, in different poses and lighting situations. I find it very important to get to know the people or children that I paint, as it makes for a more accurate portrait. This session is when I get to know them. Once in a while, a second photo shoot is needed.

After the photo shoot, I present three portrait options to the client. This will be in the form of small sketches with different pose and background ideas. I will work with the client to decide which idea will be used. In some cases where high quality photographs are available, I may do a portrait without a photography session.

I am happy to show the client the progress of the portrait at certain intervals, if so desired.

Delivery is arranged upon completion of the portrait (usually about three to five months).

The final payment is due upon portrait delivery. An extra varnishing takes place a year later wherever possible at no extra cost except for travel or shipping expenses - it takes that long for the deepest oil layers to dry!

Artist fee does not include tax, shipping, or travel costs.

See what the clients say.