Comments from people who have commissioned Christine Sargent

“I can’t begin to tell you how much it means to me that you painted [my mother’s] picture. I absolutely love it! You are a great artist…. I have been carrying around the copy. Showing it around to all my friends”



“I can’t thank you enough that your drawing is so special to me. My treasure! Thank you again”



“Our whole family is happy with your painting!! It goes so well with Hank’s painting, and the background color is perfect. Need I say more?”



“I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the painting. My mother is going to love it so much! Thanks for helping make this Christmas that much more special for her.”



This note was to the people who commissioned me to do a portrait of a man and his grandson and they gave it as a gift to the man. “Again thank you very much for the picture. I love it. I hung it that night.



“My portrait of Clementine is so beautiful!....The painting is and will be one of my most treasured belongings”



“Thank you so much for the wonderful picture.



“My wife LOVED them and they are amazing. Thanks Christine and I will have more work for you soon.”



“I got it in the mail today! I love it. It arrived in perfect condition... Thank you and I will spread the word.”



“…she was delighted and very surprised, as were her children and husband. It's hard to surprise her these days so I was very pleased to be able to do so.”



“Thank you for the lovely portraits of Marilyn and me, given to us by our children as a 50th wedding anniversary present. They were unveiled at China Beach, Ilwaco, Wasington where our children and grandchildren accompanied us for a 50th anniversary celebration. How exceedingly thoughtful of all of you!

They are beautiful! The have the characteristic "following eyes" – the eyes keep looking at you no matter where you move in the room.

They are hung in our front hallway, so we see them each time we come into our house from the outside.”



“My family was thrilled with the piece.”



“Laura loved the sketch and so did everyone else, you could probably make a great living doing sketches.“



“She loved it! Of course!! I gave the copy to my brother also. … Thank you so much”!



“The portrait is absolutely precious and beautiful. It is so soft and tenderly rendered, we are all completely, 500% happy with the results.

Winny cherishes it and when she saw it she had tears of gratitude in her eyes.”



“He absolutely loved it!!!! :-)”



“We had a wonderful time at our reception and our Sons, daugher, daugter-in-laws, and grandchildren did a wonderful job. We had a good many of people there and I had a lot of people who asked who drew the portrait of us and I gave you a little advertisement. Everyone I asked thought it looked like us too. Thank you so much, I think you did a great job and we will enjoy it for a number of years (even if it does look like us- ha).… The drawing looks even better than it did on line. You did a great job!!!! Thanks so much.”



“I received the portraits, they are wonderful!....I gave Ken his framed pictures last night and he was the happiest I've seen him. He loved them! Thanks for everything.”



[comments on each of 3 pictures she was sent]:

“WOW! It's identical, you're fantastic.


WOW, that's fantastic!!!”



“He took it to show his family on Sunday. Thank you again. It was a very special surprise for him and he really appreciated your talent as well as my thought.”



“Hello Christine, my name is Joe and I am the brother of [Beth]. Beth gave me one of your drawings at Christmas and I want to tell you how happy I am to have received this. The portrait of myself and my niece truly reflects the joy and love we have for each other, I will forever cherish this portrait. You are surely a talent and I wish you all the best and continued success!”



“Thank you for the lovely art! I am looking forward to giving it to my siblings! You are the best!”



"It is you! It makes me cry it is so beautiful! Wait until my sister sees this!!!!!!"



“Stuart and I wanted to thank you for the fabulous portraits of our little girl. You really captured Lily's spirit with your drawings and we will always cherish them!.... Maybe someday you can meet Lily in person...she'd like to give you a big kiss for taking the time to draw her :)”



“I am a friend of Beth and just received her Christmas present... which as you know was a drawing of my Jack Russell Terrier "Valentine". What an amazing job you did of capturing him. It was perfect and charming. You are indeed a wonderful artist! Thank you again for your create and artistry.”



"I gave your portrait of Aurelie and Michael on Christmas day, to Michael's mother who is also a painter but not like you, she does more abstract work ….and she is also Japanese that means that with her education , she is 69 years old , she wasn't suppose to show her feelings BUT SHE DID : "Christine Sargent is really talented , both faces look like the original with so much expression...." she was especially admiring the way you can create the hair color: "Aurelie's hair look blond and Michael's hair black, it's so difficult to do" she said.

I hope that now you realize how talented you are….”



“Dear one, you have created such great effects. I gave three of the drawings today to my friends and they loved them... I mean head over heels.
This evening my other girlfriend and her husband called. They were so moved by the gift and loved the two drawings I sent!!!!!

Tomorrow I give the rest out to family!

You have helped me make this Christmas over the top!!!! Thank you!

…[next day] Now on to the really important stuff...the portraits were the hit in every corner! All receivers cried or hugged us to death!!!! Many wet eyes and grateful family and friends. You created such an effect...some felt left out and I had wished I had included all my siblings. Oh well, “there is only one Christine Sargent and she was already spread pretty thin”, yet you did an awesome job! This job really created heavy reach and put your name out there!!!!!”



“Nick loved his picture! As you may imagine, I couldn't keep it until March—I loved it too much and knew that he would, too!!! What an amazing, talented lady you are... Thank you, thank you!”



“My cousin Joyce received the portrait and she is very pleased: "It looks exactly like us ", she wrote me, and also that you're a great artist.”



“Wow, you are incredible! I love it! Having an original Sargent in my house is definitely priceless.”



“That is great Chris! Love it. You did a wonderful job from that blurry picture. And you caught him just as we see him.”



“Oh Christine I love, it's beautiful.  I have had one of those days, a friend passed yesterday, my car broke down and I'm stuck at my son's until tomorrow and this is just the thing to make it all better. I love, love, love it.”



"I had Christine create one of her pencil portraits of my Dad. It was so amazing and really captured my Dad that I had her do one of my Mom. There are very few photos of my parents the last decade or so but tons of photos of the kids and grandkids throughout their home. Now both of the pencil portraits are side by side on the wall of my folks' house in Louisville Kentucky. I am so glad we have those beautiful pencil portraits of my parents! They seem to hold more weight than just a foto.

Thank you Christine!"



"My sister and I were trying to think of the perfect gift for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Laura, my sis, came up with the idea, "Hey, what if we got Christine to do a portrait of them?" I grinned. That's brilliant, I thought.

Christine really worked with us to get it just right, discussing different ideas, combing through different source photos. The final product was truly a marvelous likeness – not just in how it looked, but how it feels. It shows their own unique light in their eyes.

Our parents were floored. Mom was funny, she just kept being astonished. They liked it so much that it's now the framed piece that greets all guests as they come through their front door.

Bottom line: Christine nailed it. We were all absolutely thrilled with the results. Highly recommended for people looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for a loved one."



"I was getting married shortly after my mother Andrea passed away. I wanted her to be with me physically in some way at my wedding. I decided to have a portrait done. Christine was my first choice, not only because she knew my mother well, it was her enormous talent to capture a persons spirit in her artwork. She had few pictures to work with, however, when she presented the final product, I not only saw my mothers face, I felt it. It brought tears of joy to my eyes. I will cherish it & pass it down to my children."